Here at MMJ IPRIO, we strive to be the retail leader and create as much value as possible in a new industry in Canada with incredible opportunity and growth potential. We believe in working with stakeholders at every level to ensure the longevity and growth of our business. 

Our additional vitality and strength is fortified by the long-standing relationships that we form with our clients and strategic alliances with other businesses in the industry. 


The current industry environment is going to change and present challenges for businesses in this sector. We are ready to meet these challenges head-on; working closely with policy makers and professional lobbyists to be the national leader, especially in retail, as well as other levels of our industry.

MMJ IPRIO is committed to these fundamental business principles:

  • A commitment to trust, reliability and integrity
  • A respect for business and personal confidentiality
  • A pledge to the foundation of effective and transparent communication
  • An emphasis on the quality of our service for our patients
  • A results-oriented plan that holds every person accountable

Our national presence, relationship strengths, and extensive experience in: marketing, consulting, management training, logistics, product sourcing, development of business strategies, and value-added distribution create access to the most advantageous opportunities for our clients and investors.


With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we are experts in this field.  

We operate several retail level locations which have maintained a high level of quality and function. With an emphasis on quality of products, customer service and professional integrity.

We will make it our business to:

  • Collaborate with you as advisors, giving you access to privileged business portfolios and an unlimited database of industry-focused contacts that can help expand your strategic initiatives in sales and marketing efforts.
  • Support you in developing business strategies, evaluating acquisitions, and assembling the right management team to ground our company for success.
  • Provide you with the financial resources you need to invest in product initiatives while broadening the scope of operational improvement.
  • Facilitate access to a widespread network of deep-rooted relationships, proven business acumen and significant financial resources to provide you with a distinct competitive edge.


We propose to be the number one business in this industry nationally, mainly at a retail level, but also at different levels based on potential profitability and strategic pragmatism.

We maintain a distinctive space in the marketplace and seek every opportunity to optimize profitability for our investors.

We identify high-growth segments of the economy where we can establish a competitive advantage and generate superior returns. Our team is continuously evaluating and inferring this sector; working to systematically apply proprietary methods to identify new and unique investment opportunities. Our experience is wide-ranging, whether circumventing potential obstacles or uncovering unique growth opportunities, we leverage our extensive industry-specific knowledge throughout each investment process.


Our network is extensive. We are in continual communication with entrepreneurs, managers, consultants, qualified farmers, recruiters, and other industry players to uncover new opportunities. MMJ IPRIO professionals spend a considerable amount of time cultivating and fostering these relationships, as we strongly believe that they are our most valuable assets.

We have the highest quality products from all of our vendors, and continually seek new vendors to provide medicine for our patients.


This business is based on providing quality products and service to our patients, along with professional consultation and assessment. With our in-house professionals we are able to provide patients everything they require in a responsible manner.

We set the precedent when serving our clients; with the highest quality and extensive line of medicinal products available.

Our clients range from: family doctor patients, small business owners, tradesmen, to high-net-worth individuals. Many have turn to MMJ Canada to obtain high quality medication. Our management team takes pride in developing conservative relationship with our clients.